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4 Fashion Rules During Rainy Season

Rainy days are my absolute favorite. I love staying indoors and watching the rain. There is something about watching earth shed tears that is both calming and invigorating. Most often, i find myself on rainy days wanting to sit in one place and enjoy the sound of the rain. Life and work however, makes it impossible to just sit and stare.

Figuring out what to wear becomes imperative if i must go out. Here are my four rules that guide my wardrobe choice on a rainy day.

The Ava Dress

1. Ditch The Bright Colors

One fateful rainy sunday , i decided that white would be an ideal color to wear to church. On my way to church, a driver who was in a hurry splashed muddy water on me, ruining the dress. I had to go back home after that incident. Also, cleaning the mud stains off my white dress proved to be a herculean task.

Bright Colors have the tendency to reveal every stain, therefore, during wet , rainy days, they might not be the best choice.

2. Layer UP Time

Jackets, Kimonos, cardigans and other items for layering come in handy this season. It is important while layering to consider comfort. The outfits should be comfortable preferably not too tight so one can keep them on for as long the chilly weather permits.

3. It’s time for the flats

Slippery floors and wet environments are synonymous with rainy seasons. This is not the time for stilettos especially if you are going to walk outdoors. A pair of flats or Rain boots are safer options, you can pack your heels in a bag till you get indoors.

4. Take a break from the floor sweeper dresses

Sweeper dresses are bae but during the rains , they are a bit uncomfortable to wear. Avoiding water and navigating the winds in them can be tedious. For religious reasons, they might be unavoidable for some ladies, but if you can, wear something slightly shorter.

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