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5 tips for dressing for an online meeting

With the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are embracing virtual meetings in lieu of physical meetings. This is perhaps due to several advantages of virtual meetings have which include Safety especially health wise, removal of physical barriers (People can join in regardless of where they are)

Online meetings have become part of our daily lives so we must understand the best practices attached to it. Understanding the ethics that govern virtual meetings is very vital especially when it comes deciding what to wear. We participate in virtual meetings most often from the comfort of our home, the temptation is always there to dress down.

It is important to note that when getting ready for an online meeting, you appearance should still be professional and reflect the organization you work for. Here are 5 tips to guide you

  1. Avoid the informal outfits
    A friend wore a pair of night shorts to an online meeting under the erroneous belief that the camera stops around the chest area and no one will see it. In the course of the meeting , her boss asked her to get some files that were in her possession and she got up immediately leaving Laptop Camera on. It was until she heard her colleagues snickering that she realised that her mistake.

2. Choose Camera friendly Prints

Some stripes and checks are not camera friendly and can be blurry to the viewer on the other side. When in doubt, prepare for the meeting ahead of time and turn the camera you will be using to a selfie mode in order to see how your outfit appears on Camera.

3. Avoid ill fitting Clothes

Excessively tight or too bogus clothing can make you very uncomfortable during meetings especially when you have to sit for hours.

4. Necklines matter

Extremely low neckline and transparent tops are not appropriate. Before the meeting, lean forward in your outfit and see what the result will look like.

5. Some colours will bleach you out
Don’t go for excessively brilliant or too dull colours as they will in general seem hazy on camera and may meddle with how you appear.

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