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As online shopping increases, so does the chance of encountering online fraud. It’s always important to protect yourself, but what steps are the most effective?

Check out these steps to prevent, identify, and avoid online scammers before you start shopping online.

WATCH OUT FOR THE ‘TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE’ SCAM                                               

If you’re shopping online and discover that the prices seem too good to be true, chances are it’s a scam. Online scammers pick popular items and list them at discount prices to lure in customers. A customer may think they’re getting a deal. Meanwhile in reality, they are providing someone with their payment information. Always check the website URL for misspellings and look for secure checkouts when finalizing your purchase.


Although this is not common, but if a company experiences a data breach. Then your saved information could be at risk. Checking out as a guest eliminates this possibility because the retailer does not permanently save your information. If reward points and perks are important to you, then consider the risks of creating an account with the online retailer.

DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS                                    

It’s always said, but it needs to be said again, do not use the same password for every online account. Once an online scammer figures out one password, then it’s easy for them to turn around and try it on all of your accounts. If you had one password for every account then you just gave the scammer free access to all of your information. Using different passwords prevents you from falling victim to these practices. Also, don’t worry if you have a hard time remembering all of your passwords. Most retailers now have that capability to instantly verify your identity so you can quickly reset your password each time you sign in.


Let’s say you find that perfect gift online but it’s on a website in which you’ve never purchased anything before. It’s always best to research the website before making a final purchase. Today’s scammers create mock websites that are almost identical to online retailer websites, all with the intent to confuse you and steal your information.

Always check the website URL to make sure it’s not misspelled. Also, a good rule is to do a quick online search. If other customers have fallen for online traps, then chances are likely someone wrote a review online about their experience. A little research could potentially save you money and heartache.


Check to see what alert options are available for your credit and debit cards. You can often set different alerts that quickly notify you via text message or email when something is detected. Alerts can range from transaction amounts to the frequency of charges, and even the location of purchases.

Avoid scams and shop with a reputable retailer today. Shop for your favorite fashion items at AcornsnGold. No matter where you are in Nigeria, we’ll bring your purchased items right to your doorstep!

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