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Capsule Wardrobe YAY! Or Nay!

I was with a group of friends couple of days ago when the subject of having a capsule wardrobe came up. One of us had suggested everyone build a capsule wardrobe. Some of the ladies’ present agreed with her while others were quite opposed to the idea. What ensued was a heated debate on the Pros and Cons of having a capsule wardrobe. ‘

In case you are wondering what, a capsule wardrobe is, I will define it as ‘a wardrobe that contains not more than thirty pieces of essential clothing including shoes and bags. It is a minimalistic approach to fashion.

Personally, I believe that fashion is basically for self-expression and to build or not to build a capsule wardrobe will depend on the individual. Before you decide, let’s explore the Yes and No sides of the divide.

YAY! A Capsule Wardrobe Definitely because

  1. It is the cure for decision fatigue: Most of us can relate to staring at our very full wardrobes most mornings trying to decide what to wear. This often results in decision fatigue so early in the day. With fewer choices in the morning, we are spared from making multiple decisions before actual work begins.
  • Earth is begging us to slow down: The fashion industry is the second largest polluter of the environment. The oil and gas industry is the first. If we all become minimalistic in our approach to fashion, the planet will thank us for it.
  • You get to save Money: Think of all the money you will save if you don’t run out and buy something new every time there is a sale or an upcoming event.
  • You get to save time: Time spent making decisions on what to wear, also time spent shopping online and offline can be used to do those things you love to do.

Nay! No capsule Wardrobe Because

  1. Constant use can damage clothes faster: This is true even for clothes made with high quality fabrics. The whole idea of the capsule wardrobe is to keep washing and dry-cleaning the few pieces in the wardrobe for constant use. Such practices will Invariably lead to wear and tear of the outfits.
  • It may end up being more expensive: If the clothes age faster, they would have to be replaced. Replacing them will cost money.
  • It can get boring: No matter how creative you are, at some point wearing the same things can get boring.
  • The weather changes will make it a bit difficult: Building a capsule wardrobe that is sufficient for every season might be difficult especially with weather changes that will make some of the items inappropriate.

So! There you have it! Feel free to choose side that reflects your uniqueness. After all, that is what fashion is all about.

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