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Finding and refining your personal style can be a struggle. We’ve all been there at least once, if not multiple times, where we’re confused about what to wear for an event. Picking up clothes for your wardrobe that will match your figure, tastes and personal style is often challenging. Here, we’ll try to help you […]

Green Dinner Dress

First Date: What to wear.Outfit Ideas For a First Date.

First Date: A guide to what to Wear There are a lot of things that make first dates difficult, one of them is deciding what to wear. Personally, I am usually worried about passing the wrong message through my dressing or wearing something inappropriate for the venue of the date. My solution to the latter […]

Six Tips on how to dress classy

Dressing Classy should be the ultimate desire of every lady. The higher our standards are when it comes to dressing, the more classy we become. Although fashion is primarily for self expression, we use our dressing as our first introduction of who we are. Dressing classy therefore puts us in a good light with others. […]

4 Fashion Rules During Rainy Season

Rainy days are my absolute favorite. I love staying indoors and watching the rain. There is something about watching earth shed tears that is both calming and invigorating. Most often, i find myself on rainy days wanting to sit in one place and enjoy the sound of the rain. Life and work however, makes it […]

Capsule Wardrobe YAY! Or Nay!

I was with a group of friends couple of days ago when the subject of having a capsule wardrobe came up. One of us had suggested everyone build a capsule wardrobe. Some of the ladies’ present agreed with her while others were quite opposed to the idea. What ensued was a heated debate on the […]

The Plus Size Guide

Plus size 101 Being plus-size, or another size in the world doesn’t stop you from being beautiful and being proud of your beauty. Your beauty is your confidence, and you must flaunt it to a serious hilt, and the best way to do that is to own your style. Understand it and get creative with […]


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